Support your body. Give it what it craves. Let us do the work--for we are Earth Workers

At Earth-Worker, we prepare and blend vitamins and nutritional supplements by hand. We partner with produce farmers to hand select the fruits and vegetables that are then flash frozen, dried, and encapsulated. We believe that the earth and soil provide the nutrition we need to promote wellness and to stand strong against diet related chronic illness like hypertension, inflammation, and type-2 diabetes.

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How long did it take for your last vitamin to go from soil to supplement?

  • We never use additives, fillers, or preservatives.
  • We hand-mix supplements from fresh fruits & vegetables.
  • We partner with farms and farmers who share a similar passion for using what the earth provides us to healthfully nourish our bodies.
  • Do you know which farms or farmers contributed to the fruits and vegetables in your vitamins and supplements?

  • Beet it

    blood pressure & circulation

    - arugula (rocket)

    - beetroot

    - radish

  • Moth to a Flame


    - turmeric

    - ginger

    - banana

    - flaxseed

  • Seeing Green

    all green everything

    - avocado

    - broccoli

    - brussels sprouts

    - kale

    - spinach